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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Summer Fever

I just got back from the pool, can I just say how much I love the smell of chlorine and hemp lotion? Oh my. Anyway, of course those smells would remind me of summer! The weather is finally starting to change, and in true form, March is coming in like a lion. It's been pretty rainy and windy, but thankfully there has been no more snow. Everyone keeps telling me we need more snow so that our water levels aren't so low in the summer, but quite honestly, I've grown up most of my life in a drought, and I like it that way. So if it's all the same, I think the Lord can keep the snow somewhere else for the time being. : )
I'm still trying to lay out my plans for this summer. Mostly I think I'll just be working, which is fine by me! I absolutely adore my job. I work for a local swim store selling swimming equipment. What more could I ask for? I get to spend my work shifts talking to people about one of my favorite things in the world and helping them start their ways into the swimming world. Along with work, I believe I have a family reunion to attend as well! Par-tay! :D My cousins freaking rock and I can't wait to see them all this summer, we're going to have a blast. Look out Zions, here I come! I think I may need to hit up Moab and Bear Lake this summer too. Gotta get in all of my favorite camping/hiking locations before I leave the state for 5 months!
Well, as the sun goes down now the temperature drops. At least I'm not scraping ice off my car in the morning and sliding all the way down the hills as I attempt to get to school. I'm so grateful that day-light savings is coming up. Even if it means I'll lose an hour of sleep. The extra sunlight and warmth will totally be worth the small adjustment : )
Prayin' for daylight!

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