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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recent Happenings...

I have just small little stories that I want to write about, so here we go. First off, let's start with exciting food adventures-

A while ago I was craving peanut butter cookies, but I wanted them to have the chewy, gooey consistency of chocolate chip cookies, plus they had to have the chocolate chips as well. For some odd reason I didn't think to just search a recipe like that, instead- I headed to my kitchen and just went for it. May not sound huge, but these cookies turned out to be the freakin' bomb, and I didn't follow a single recipe :) Small steps my friends, today cookies... tomorrow: pancakes. Yes you heard me, I'm now on the hunt for the perfect pancake recipe, it's harder than you think.

Our next food adventure happened today, when I decided our long Sunday afternoon would be perfect to make pizza! So delicious- I found a great recipe for the dough, and it actually turned out well to my surprise. (I bought some yeast at the European market and it's just a little different than what I'm used to {packets} so my first few attempts with it didn't work). Our toppings included: pesto, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, pineapple slices, and ham slices. I didn't get a picture of it coming out of the oven because I was too excited to eat it, but here it is beforehand. Along with the stuff I used to make it and my laptop playing some lovely Sabbath day music.

Now on to my home/style adventures!

I've slowly been working on making our bedroom a lovely place. Ray doesn't understand the idea of decorating your room, so I've free reign in there to just do whatever I want... Bwahahahaha! I decided upon some beautiful dark purple sheets from IKEA, and then later, over President's Day weekend, I braved the crowds and bolted through IKEA to find the duvet set they were selling for $9.99 ANY size. SA-WING! What a deal :) It took some covert eavesdropping to discover where they were hiding those duvet covers too... Anyhoot, now I'm just working on some pillow cases to go with the bedspread. I decided to attempt to crochet one case, it turned out alright for now, we'll see how I feel about it in a month or so after I figure out what I want to do for the other pillows. I think a nice bright yellow for one would be pretty. On to JoAnn's!

Every Saturday morning is our "clean the whole freaking apartment" time. I love it :) I get the rest of my weekend in a clean house, and it can get slightly messy through the week without me spazzing out because I know we'll just clean it again on Saturday. Huzzah for routines, am I right? Right. Well this past Saturday, everything was hunky dory, I had cleaned our living room and bedroom, Ray was doing dishes, I was just about done vacuuming the living room, when... my vacuum started making the most terrifying sound in the world! I quickly turned it off and tried to see if something had gotten stuck in the brushroll. Ray was able to unearth a piece of a paperclip, which is bizarre, because we don't even own paperclips and neither of us use them at work or anything. I tried turning on the vacuum after that was out, but still the noise. So now we took off the whole bottom of the vacuum, only to discover: The belt on my vacuum had been completely and entirely OBLITERATED. Not even joking. This was all the remains we spent 20 minutes digging out of the belt holster (if in fact you should call it a holster, what would be the proper wordage here?)

Finally, to wrap up this post, we just celebrated Ray's birthday! It was a great day, and fun night with family and friends. Ray requested pasta with shrimp (oh yeah! I learned the art of shelling and deveining shrimp, truth be told- Ray rocks and shelling, and I rock at deveining, what a team we make :P ), and banana cream pies instead of birthday cake. I had never made the pies before, but it turns out homemade pudding is super easy, and those graham cracker pie crusts are life savers. Here is my favorite picture from the day. Our two year old nephew absolutely loves blowing out candles on birthday cakes, and there's been a birthday every month since December so he's getting really good at getting to the candles before the birthday person does :)

Good grief I love this picture and both the boys in it! Happy birthday to my wonderful husband, I love him so much!

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