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Monday, July 25, 2011

Why My Wedding Day Was the Best Day of My Life...

Are you KIDDING ME?! Duh! Because I got to marry this guy!
How could it not be the best day of my life? I married my best friend :) Here are some extra details though, that whole wedding thing that happened...
So I woke up bright and early, ate some breakfast with me mum and bridesmaids, and then began the process of getting ready. The wedding wasn't until 1, but I was up at 7 and in the shower by 7:45. My cousin, who is absolutely amazing, hooked me up with some fabulous friends of hers who did my hair and make up for me. The were spectacular and I felt top-notch that day, definitely a bridal feeling. Here we can see the gobs of fake hair that was clipped into my own hair to make me look super-modelish-awesome. Oh how I wish I could grow hair like this!
Then I packed all my stuff and my mom and I were off to the San Diego LDS Temple! Easily one of the, *ahem* more beautiful, temples in the world :) I'm so grateful that we got married there. As I was walking up to the doors, Fiance (for the last time!) came walking out to meet me. Overwhelming peace snagged me when I saw him, I need this man in my life. We sat in the records room for a little bit while they checked our marriage license (I was terrified it was the wrong one, but all was well). And then we were taken upstairs where I went to the bride's room to put on my ceremony clothes. There was only one other bride in the room and she left shortly leaving just me and my mom to enjoy this peaceful, beautiful moment together in an absolutely gorgeous room. I was a basket of nerves, but the temple workers commented to my mom that she looked so calm and helped me with my clothes like she had done this a million times. I hope someday I have the wisdom and sereneness of my mother, even a teaspoon of it would make a world of difference in my life. Once finally ready, I sat and waited for a few moments until another worker came to tell me it was time to meet up with Fiance. I walked out and when I saw him we both burst in to huge smiles. Hand in hand we climbed the stairs to another room where only peace and happiness exists. We spent, who knows how long, in the Celestial Room. Sitting on a couch, reveling in the fact that we were only moments away from being husband and wife. A small prayer was offered, and then a sealer came to lead us to the sealing room. We walked in and were met with smiling faces of friends and family. Just the right amount, in planning a wedding I realized I the opposite of what I'd thought I would want! Small and simple was the order of the day, nothing busy or frilly, and when it came to those in attendance, I wanted to be with the ones I loved. The Sealer spoke to us for a while about the promises and covenants we'd be making that day, and we sat there quietly taking it all in. Finally the actual ceremony commenced. It was all perfect, aside from the fact that I said "Yes" in the wrong place, which brought a smile to the sealers face and laughter from my family. We continued on though and shortly we were pronounced married, according to the laws of the land and the ordinances of God. What a blessing! Rings were exchanged, kisses and hugs shared, and we were off again to change clothes and prepare ourselves for hours of pictures.

Thanks to my amazing family and absolutely spectacular friends, everything (appeared to me) to go flawlessly that day. Even if there were things blatantly wrong, I really don't think I would have noticed. After far too long of waiting I was finally with the man I wanted to be with and there would be no more short weekends once a month, no more long nights on Skype, and no more goodbyes. Inexpressible Joy. As we walked out of the temple, cheers and shouts met us and we stood there just smiling with people all around us. Then there was 3 hours of picture taking, which Husband (woohoo!) and I thoroughly enjoyed. Our photographer kept commenting almost in a surprised tone how we were such an open couple and how much true emotion we were expressing in our photos. Are you nuts? It was hard to hold back! Wedding pictures are the best for the following reason: If you truly love the one you just married, wow, you get to just hold them and smile and cuddle and hold hands and kiss for hours on end and people are actually encouraging you to do this and "Hold that pose!" for just a little longer. Yes, please! Sign me up. Anytime. So those photo's soon to come, Husband and I cannot wait to see them!

After all that business, we were starving, so in our formal wear, we drove through a Carl's Jr. Because, we're cool like that, and we needed food, STAT. Husband and I don't do well without food, he gets tired and lethargic, and I get cranky and mean. Not a good combination. Anyway, so we checked into our hotel (which was beautiful by the way) and finally got to just sit down and relax and eat some food! It ended too quickly though and soon we were off again to our reception.

May I just say: growing up in Utah I have been to a LOT of wedding receptions, but may I also just say, mine is the best I have ever been too, hands down, I don't care what you say. There was delicious, and I mean DELICOUS food, the best music (chosen by yours truly and Husband), impressive dancing (thank you dear bridesmaids), and the best of company. It almost ended too soon, but then I remembered I would get to leave with my Husband and we were going on a cruise, so then I didn't feel so bad. We ate some food (because I think it's silly when the bride and groom don't get to eat their own food, come on people!), we cut our cake (which was soooo good, Husband wanted yellow cake with fresh strawberries in it. Good choice dear, good choice.), and then we had our first dance to La Vie en Rose sung by Louis Armstrong. Husband is quite the dancer, I usually just try to stay on my toes and let him throw me around like a rag doll. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just look like a zombie from Michael Jackson's "Thriller," but I like to think that that night I looked like a princess with her prince charming. Yup! After two hours of that, we finally hit the road (in our toilet paper decked out rental vehicle, yes!). A week of awesome cruise and Mexico fun followed and all I can say is that it all ended too soon. I look back on my wedding day with only good memories, thoughts and feelings.

Although, I am glad wedding planning is over. Here's hoping I never have a daughter I have to plan a wedding for! ;)

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