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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Saint and My Hero...

This is how I would have to describe my husband in light of recent events. Let me illuminate you as to why he is firstly, A Saint:
About two weeks ago, we finally decided to get a car. We spent 7 ridiculously long hours at the dealership, and finally decided on a lease option for a Toyota Corolla. We've lovingly named it: Monstro, after the whale in Disney's Pinnochio. It's our baby, we love it, it takes us everywhere with awesome gas mileage and allows us some freedom we'd both been craving. Too good to be true? Karma thought so. One week after getting our new car, a neighbor child rode his bike past our car a little too close and left a nice scratch along the front side. Too deep to just be buffed out with products we bought at Wal-Mart.

The morning after discovering the scratch, we were driving to work and discussing the damage and what could be done. While I sat there fuming and fighting every urge to go kung-fu ninja on anyone and everything around me, do you know what my husband said to me? "Let's count our blessings." And he began listing our many blessings one by one. I quickly deflated and contemplated the repenting I needed to start.

Story #2. This is why my husband is My Hero... I've gotten myself a job as a swim coach for the Master's program out here, which is great. I absolutely love it, it's nice being a part of a team again, even if it's not quite the same intensity and passion as high school or college swimming is. However this job requires me to be up at the very wee hours of the morning. Something I thought I missed from high school, but the more this goes on, the more I realize I'm getting old and I just want to sleep that extra hour. Anyway, this morning I had to be up at 5:30, which is better than the usual 4:30, but still far too early for me, and definitely too early for my hubby. I stumbled out of bed and sloppily made my way to the bathroom to pull on my funky, tie-dye, sparkly swim suit. I got to the doorway though and happened to look up. Low and Behold: THE LARGEST SPIDER I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE. Just chillin' on the wall, like it owned the joint. I about faced back into my bedroom and pathetically whimpered to Husband dearest that there was a ridiculously huge spider in the bathroom. Again he amazed me, within five seconds he was out of the bed and in the bathroom with a shoe. No questions asked. I stood in our room and watched from afar as he disposed of the intruder so I could continue my morning routine without being threatened.

Amazing, this man is amazing.

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